André Hoffmann

Member of the Board, Roche & President, MAVA Foundation

Steven Pinker

Harvard University

An idea whose time has come.

Thommy Koh

National University of Singapore

There are big lessons which the world can learn from these small countries.

Lars Kolind

Chairman, The World Scout Foundation

If you are happy with your country, don't read this book. But if you think your country could do significantly better, this book will show you how.

Paul Polman

Co-founder, IMAGINE, former CEO Unilever, Vice-Chair of the United Nations Global Compact

In addressing the challenges societies are facing everywhere, there is a lot we can learn from the smaller nations. This book is required reading for anyone interested in improving the state if the world 

Yossi Vardi

Entrepreneur and father of the Israeli start-up system

James Breiding’s new book reveals the growing importance of social cohesion and trust for a nation’s prosperity. Society is a boat and if it sinks, the next big start-up like Google won’t save it.

Laurent Freixe

CEO of Nestle Americas

With the world receding, Too Small to Fail is valuable reminder of the importance of openness and connectivity.

Lawrence Summers

Harvard University

Too Small to Fail’ is the ani-thesis of the era that has brought us BREXIT and Trump. It could well provide the foundation of a campaign for the next president of the United States. A very important work.

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