Smart Nations

Big Impact


Giving a voice to small and outperforming nations. 


  • To raise awareness of outstanding achievements from small nations and facilitate learning and progress

  • To support collaboration and progress among leaders and change-makers from all nations

  • To establish an S8nations certificate of excellence, identifying outstanding policies and encouraging their proliferation

  • To earn a right to collective S8nations participation on global platforms such as the G7



"An idea whose time has come."

Prof. Steven Pinker, Harvard University

"S8nations provides an inclusive platform for different countries to learn about each other’s boldest and most effective innovations. S8 contributes to the global community by sharing excellence."

Prof. Chan Heng Chee, Ambassador-at-Large Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore

"This is a path-breaking initiative. There are big lessons which the world can learn from these small countries."

André Hoffmann, Vice Chair of Roche, Co-Chair of Swiss S8 delegation

"Small is beautiful - and effective! Facilitating access to the consistently successful societal structures and systems of the S8nations to emerging and less well performing countries makes eminent sense. A very timely and potentially impactful initiative well worth supporting."

Michael Møller, Former Deputy Director of the United Nations

"S8nations reminds us that trust and social cohesion are taking on greater importance precisely because technology and identity politics are making it scarcer." 

Mads Nipper, CEO Ørsted, Member of Danish S8 delegation

"S8nations is an outstanding platform to accelerate and amplify positive impact."

Jim Snabe, Chairman of AP Moeller Maersk and Siemens AG, Chair of Danish S8 delegation

“There are big, valuable lessons which the world can learn from S8nations.”

Tommy Koh, National University of Singapore, Ambassador-At-Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore

"S8nations is the anti-thesis of the era that has brought us BREXIT and Trump. A creative and timely initiative."

Lawrence Summer, Harvard University

"This is a story everyone interested in country competitiveness needs to hear. Scale is simply not enough. Small is often beautiful and there are many lessons larger countries can learn from their success."

Kristine Braden, Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO, Citigroup

"S8nations is about excellence not size. Concrete examples are more likely to be found among smaller, outperforming nations, willing to experiment."

Paul Polman, Co-founder IMAGINE, former CEO Unilever, 

Vice-Chair of the United Nations Global Compact, Co-Chair of Dutch S8 delegation

"S8nations is not about size but about innovation and transformation by safeguarding and strengthening the realisation of mutual societal interests and values through genuine cooperation and sharing of knowledge and experience."

Rianne Letschert, Rector Maastricht University




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