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About S8Nations

S8nations is a non-profit organization based in Zurich, Switzerland.

The goal of S8nations is to connect the most resourceful leaders and thinkers of the world’s most innovative nations with a view to learn from each other and spark bold, pragmatic best-in-class solutions.

S8nations is a global initiative and platform supported by an extensive network of distinguished leaders across industry, academia, and government from outperforming small nations. Delegates and partners in each of the S8 countries represent and promote the initiative.

Inspired by the book “Too Small to Fail: How Some Small Nations Are Reshaping The World” by James Breiding, the organization was founded on the idea that societies need to contemplate a new world order based on the recognition that our future will be very different from the world we live in today. While big nations have traditionally been at the forefront of this order, solutions to a tsunami of pressing socio-economic challenges such as climate change, pandemics, immigration, artificial intelligence, aging populations, and slowing growth are increasingly coming from small, adaptive and outperforming nations.


The Book

Leading global powers are witnessing a decline in their influence. In their place, a number of smartly led small countries are redefining what it means to be a great nation.

In South-East Asia, Singapore has found a way to provide cost-effective, quality healthcare for its citizens. In the Middle East, Israel has created a start-up ecosystem that can rival Silicon Valley. In Europe, Finland has transformed its primary education system and Denmark is a world leader in renewable energy. In Sweden, employees can take six months off work to start their own business, safe in the knowledge that they can return to their job if their start-up doesn’t work. Across the globe, these and other small nations are driving a quiet revolution.

What are their recipes for success? How are they achieving better-educated, more egalitarian, happier and wealthier populations? Too Small to Fail looks at a select number of small countries that have emerged as leaders of the pack. It considers the specific policies, individuals, corporations and institutions that have made positive and sustainable change possible. By looking at the parallels between these success stories, Too Small to Fail offers valuable lessons that the rest of the world can emulate.


Chronicle of S8nations' Journey

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