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A "Do"-Tank, not a "Think"-Tank

S8nations is a not-for-profit initiative headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and founded in 2020 in response to the publication of James Breiding’s ‘Too Small to Fail, Why Some Nations Outperform Larger Ones and How They Are Reshaping the World.’


Published in 2019, the book draws on data and evidence showing that some small nations are world leaders across a variety of important criteria and that certain social, economic and political conditions are responsible for this success.

National smallness has played an important role in creating and fostering these environments and as a result these nations have shown an outperformance in tackling the critical issues of the day.

The present focus is on eight small nations which are centres of excellence in their respective fields: Israel, Finland, Sweden, Singapore, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark.

S8nations is a platform which produces webinars, publications and most recently, podcasts as well as organizing events, networking, speaker and lecture series all over the world. It is dedicated to making an impact – promoting success stories of small nations around the world, and facilitating learning and collaboration.

While big nations have traditionally been at the forefront, solutions to a tsunami of pressing socio-economic challenges such as climate change, pandemics, immigration, artificial intelligence, ageing populations, and slowing growth are increasingly coming from small, adaptive and outperforming nations.


  1. To raise awareness of outstanding achievements from nations and facilitate learning and progress

  2. To support collaboration and progress among leaders and change-makers from all nations

  3. To establish an S8nations certificate of excellence, identifying outstanding policies and encouraging their proliferation

  4. To earn a right to collective S8nations participation on global platforms such as the G7

S8nations, Spyristrasse 2, 8044 Zürich

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