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Youth Video Competition

The S8nations Youth Video Competition, a flagship initiative by S8nations, is a dynamic platform designed to amplify the voices of young individuals in a meaningful intergenerational dialogue within national policymaking. At the heart of our mission is the empowerment of youths, inspiring them to be not only contributors but also changemakers. We believe in fostering a future where transformation and progress are embraced, and through this competition, we invite and encourage young visionaries to actively shape a better world through their innovative perspectives and impactful contributions. Join us in the pursuit of a brighter future—where the youth's influence and ideas drive positive change on a national scale


Picture a world where the youth stand at the forefront of change, challenging norms, and reshaping destinies. Our theme aims to beckon young minds to not merely anticipate the future but actively reclaim it, encouraging them to reimagine a reality where the tomorrows defy the patterns of the yesterdays. In this captivating exploration, we implore our youths to ponder: How can we weave the fabric of tomorrow differently? What pearls of wisdom lie hidden in societies that have gracefully arrived at the future ahead of their time?

This isn’t just a competition; it is an opportunity for young visionaries to unearth transformative insights, weaving them into the fabric of our shared future. Journey alongside us as we unravel the tales of small nations that have dared to dream big, offering profound lessons that transcend their size.


Top 3:

  • Invitation to S8nations Symposium in Zurich, Switzerland* & Certificate of Recognition

4th & 5th Runners Up:

  • Honorary Mention Certificate

Best in Country:

  • Recognition for Top Film Per Nation

*Sponsored flight for one representative from each of the Top 3 teams 


1. Ideation Phase


  • What aspect of your nation has arrived at the future?

  • Brainstorm ideas that not only address a societal challenge or enhance daily life but specifically focus on ground-up solutions.

  • Seek inspiration from your society that have gracefully arrived at the future ahead of their time. Look for innovative approaches and solutions that may be hidden in these forward-thinking communities.

  • Consider the unique aspects and practices that contribute to the success of these societies and explore how similar principles could be applied to your proposed solutions.

2. Collaboration Encouraged


  • While the official submission must come for a team of 1 to 2 people, collaborative efforts are highly encouraged during the creative process.

  • Participants should be aged 16-30.

  • You may seek input and assistance from others for brainstorming and video creation.

3. Video Creation


  • Develop a video with a maximum duration of 3 minutes.

  • Craft the video as if it were a compelling movie trailer, employing creativity, storytelling, and a visually engaging approach.

  • Clearly introduce and articulate your idea within the given time frame.

4. Video Submission

  • Upload your video to YouTube, making sure it is set as either public or unlisted.

  • Submit the video link, together with your details, to our S8nations website.

  • Ensure all your details are accurate before finalizing your submission.




Thanks for joining the competition!

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