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S8 Inaugural Event

S8nations is planning its Inaugural Event in Switzerland.

The Community of S8nations gathers for the first time in Switzerland for 3 days in autumn. The country delegations will meet up with experts from academia, business and society to discuss pressing issues and to find together new solutions

Topic of the 3-day conference:

The Small Nations Model: from DNA to Collective Action

The programme is designed to identify the individual areas of excellence from S8 nations and to collectively apply the S8 DNA to societal issues of interest. Combating climate change is one area of interest to learn from each other: Getting to Net Zero & Beyond with new business model will be a key topic.

Participants include S8Nations delegations and guests (per invitation only), approx. 100 – 200 people.


Date and location of the inaugural event will be released beginning of April. Registration until 30 April 2022

S8 Symposium – How we are different?


High-class speakers

Possibility to connect

People invited based on Impact, not Title

Intergenerational: Three Generations (participants 35 to 80 years old)

Substance over propaganda

Be bold, provocative and transformative i.e. a new idea to talk about!


“Walk the Talk”

We are working vigorously on organizing the first Annual Summit.

On this site, you will be informed as soon as we can announce further details.

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