Anders Magelund.png

Anders Nolting Magelund

"Being part of S8nations makes me believe in a better future where the often outstanding leadership of small nations can have a stronger presence and impact."

Angus Maxwell Strachan

"Interested in how we improve practice in areas of governance and policy – in both public and private sectors – I was drawn by S8’s principle of looking at existing examples of excellence from underrepresented small nations across the globe."

Cara Fried.png

Cara Fried

"S8nations inspires me in so many different ways and gives me the opportunity to get insights in many different work fields."

Image by Annie Spratt

Meet the Team

Geoffrey LIen.png

Geoffrey Lien

"The S8 initiative resonated with me as I believe that achievements of small countries can offer useful lessons but are often overlooked. Being part of S8nations gives me the opportunity to contribute towards building a platform that focuses on sharing the lessons from small nations to the rest of the world."


Gian Clavadetscher

"You have to be aware, in order to care. S8nations is providing a platform to rise awareness of the most critical challenges our society is facing today. Fully believing in its idea and potential makes it easy for me to dedicate my time and effort to this young organisation.”


James Breiding

"There was never a master plan for S8nations. It started as a grass roots movement in Denmark during my research on my book when the CEO of Novo Nordisk thought the story was compelling enough to justify a movement. Since then, S8nations somehow became combustible, attracting a growing number of talented and enthusiastic supporters across a wide spectrum of generations and nations."


Jayashree Sadanandan

"I am a believer of continuous learning - S8nations provides an innovative platform for small nations to be exemplary with their past, present and future."


Patrick Held

"At S8nations creativity, intelligence and talent meet, which means: fun!"