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Image by Shai Pal


Delegation Members

Boaz Barack.jpg

Boaz Barack

Former Senior Member Credit Suisse & Former Member of Senior Management UBS


Dr. Ami Appelbaum

Chairman Israel Innovation Authority & Chief Scientist, Ministry of Economy and Industry


Chemi J. Peres

Co-Founder and General Partner Pitango


Dr. Kira Radinsky

Director of Data Science, Ebay &

Co-Founder Diagnostic Robotics Jerusalem


Dr. Judith Richter

Founder and CEO Medinol

Michael Eisenberg

Leading Israeli venture capitalist


Shlomo Yanai



Jacob Frenkel

Former Chairman JP Morgan International & Governor Bank of Israel


Daniel Zajfman

Former President Weizmann Institute


Sir Ronald Cohen

"The father of British venture capital and social investment"


Galia Maor

Former CEO Bank Leumi

Image by Scott Graham

Field of Excellence

Start-Up Nation 2.0

Many countries have long admired and even tried to emulate Silicon Valley. Everyone has failed, but Israel.


With a thousand new firms launched every year, the country has far more high-tech start-ups per capita than any other nation in the world and also attracts more venture capital per capita than any other country. 


Israel has a small, adaptive and ambitious population, experiences geopolitical struggle, has a lack of natural resources, a tiny domestic market and hence no export. Israel’s success is based on its stable, pro-business politics, considerable value placed on education and work ethics and a vast, well-connected and resourceful diaspora. 


Israel’s GDP per capita was last $40,258 and is predicted to increase further. Trade with China has surpassed $10 billion in 2015 and unemployment rates are as low as 3.7 percent. Public debt has decreased to 61.2 percent of GDP and experiences a current account surplus. 


Additionally, Israel was ranked among the five happiest countries in 2015 behind other S8 countries such as Denmark, Switzerland and Finland. Over 300 multinationals have set up their R&D centers in Israel to develop their innovations and many country delegates visit the country to investigate and understand its success formula.

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