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Image by Jon Flobrant


Delegation Members


Leif Johansson

Chairman AstraZeneca


Daniel Sachs

CEO Proventus Capital Management


Michael Treschow

Former Chairman Unilever 


Magnus Schöldtz

Senior Advisor to Jacob Wallenberg, Wallenberg Foundations AB


Lars Strannegård

President Stockholm School of Economics

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Field of Excellence

Gender Equality

The Nordics rank among the best countries for women, mothers and children; taking the first five spots in the Children’s 2015 Mother’s Index. This is to some extent because of the fact that it is much easier in those countries to balance a career with parenthood due to affordable day care. 


Female participation in the work force has hence increased and the pay gaps have decreased. Sweden is one of the most gender equal countries in the world and it is partly made possible by the aforementioned affordable childcare. 


The costs for day care in Sweden are approximately 4.4 percent of the net income, whereas in the UK it makes up 33.8 percent. Over 90 percent of Swedish children from ages one to five attend government subsidized day care. 


Additionally, relatively flexible working hours are provided, which makes it easier to balance career with a child’s activities. Parental leave also adds to the easement of career interruptions, as in Sweden, mothers and fathers are entitled to 480 days of paid leave, of which both have an exclusive right to 90 days each. 


Ironically, due to a higher female work force, tax income increases and hence, day care can be subsidized, creating a win-win outcome for all sides.

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