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Big Lessons from Smart Nations

Big Lessons from Smart Nations

Big Lessons from Smart Nations is a ground-breaking podcast from S8nations. Brought to you by the founder James Breiding and interns from the world's leading universitites.
S8nations is a non-profit organization founded in 2020 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. The S8nations initiative has evolved from implementation of the ideas described in the book “Too Small to Fail: How Some Small Nations Are Reshaping the World” (TSTF) by R. James Breiding.
TSTF argues that:

a) some small nations are world leaders embodying excellence across a variety of important criteria;

b) certain social, economic and political conditions are responsible for this success;
smallness has played an important part in fostering their progress; and

c) this exciting story is being told for the first time. Other nations would greatly benefit looking to and learning from these nations successfully tackling the challenges and capturing the opportunities of our time. S8nations believes it is excellence that matters, not size.

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